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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Helmcken Falls,Columbia, Canada

Helmcken Falls,Columbia, Canada
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  Helmcken Falls was probably the most famous of the waterfalls that we saw in the Wells Gray Provincial Park. It seemed like tour buses would routinely stop here and offload their busloads of people thereby crowding the viewing deck and picnic area.
Helmcken Falls drops over the western escarpment of the Murtle Plateau. This huge lava deposit in the Wells Gray-Clearwater volcanic field was erupted from nearby fissures starting 200,000 years ago and filled the wide valley of the Clearwater River.
Gattling Gorge trail:
 Gattling Gorge is the narrowest point of the Clearwater River, about 20 m (66 ft) across. It is at the head of Helmcken Canyon, upstream from the confluence with the Murtle River. A trail from the main Helmcken Falls viewpoint accesses this gorge but signage is poor. This hike takes about 1½ hours each way.
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