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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Villarrica National Park in Chile

Villarrica National Park, Chile
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Villarrica National Park is located in the Andes, in the La Araucanía and Los Ríos regions of Chile, near Pucón. The centerpiece of the park is a line of three volcanoes stretching transversely to the Andean range: Villarrica, Quetrupillán, and Lanín. Other mountains in the park include Quinquilil volcano (2,050 m (6,726 ft)), also known as Colmillo del Diablo, and Cerro Las Peinetas, which lies on the border between Argentina and Chile.
Villarrica National Park, Chile

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Things to do:
Hike in National Park Huerquehue, to the summit of Villarrica volcano, or at the base of Volcano Lanin, Canopy, Rafting, to name a few.
Soak in steaming hot springs, best are Los Pozones or termas geometricas.
Ride horses through pristine forests.
Ride bikes to nearby towns or on pastoral roads.
Sunbathe and swim on Lake Villarrica's beaches.
Fishing trips with the boteros of Villarrica.

Villarrica National Park, Chile
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Getting there:
Santiago-Temuco: by air or land. From Temuco leave by Ruta 5 Sur (south) and take the turn to Villarrica en Freire. From Villarrica take the road which goes towards Pucón and which borders the lake, and at approximately kilometer 24 you will see the turn towards the park. 8 kilometers (5 mi) of the road are unpaved until the Rucapillán sector of the reserve.


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